Top 10 Benefits

for becoming a member of the San Francisco Executives Association

10. VIP Access:
Instant availability to business owners.
9. Resources:
Access to a variety of top level companies with resources for members and their customers.
8. Support:
CEO and Board of Directors level advice. Trends, new ways of doing business, business intelligence.
7. Referrals:
Quality leads for new business on a weekly basis, offering opportunities to broaden your sales radius.
6. Personalization:
People and technology are symbiotic, but doing business face to face is a still key factor for success.
5. Education:
Learning fresh ideas, new perspectives and self improvement techniques from businesses owners.
4. Networking:
Establishing contacts with professionals who can help build our business via networking.
3. Exclusivity:
Each member holds an exclusive business category – which will make you the official “architect, optomistrist, cleaner, mortgage broker, or property manager” within the organization.
2. Relationships:
Friendships develop and as entrepreneurs we help each another grow their business and thereby increase sales. Note: 50% of our members have been members for over 10 years.
1. Accountability:
You can depend on a member. It's the trust factor. Our encounters are less formal, less couched, yet conducted with high standards. Doing business with another “exec” comes with an assurance the job will be done right since we see each other on a weekly basis for lunch.

People do business with people they know...and trust.

Remember a Member First!
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