"Atlas Heating has been a member of the Execs since 1932. My grandfather was Atlas' first member. We receive a constant flow of business from the Execs. I was initially reluctant to join when our former representative retired, since I'm not an outgoing person. But, because of the friendliness of the group, I quickly began to look forward to the meetings. It's a very fun group and, from a business standpoint, the return is well worth the investment."
Hugh Tuck, President
Atlas Heating & Ventilating Company
"The big key is the networking that has allowed me to increase my income. Last year, almost one-third of my income came from my contacts with, or referrals from, the Execs. People could have gone somewhere else, but they hired me. That's the kind of support and value this organization leads to. There is an excellent camaraderie that exists. It's an extremely socially-oriented group, yet focused on the business aspects. People use me as a resource. It's a really nice way to do business. Enough of us have to do cold calling, but with Execs you have friends you can call who offer you personal leads. I'm really enthused about the Execs, and I wouldn't quit for anything. It's become an integral part of my professional life."
James Swarthout, Commercial Realty
Colliers International
"Although I've been a member of the Executives Association of San Francisco for more than 16 years, I still look forward to the Thursday lunches every week. The camaraderie and resources that I've developed for my business are truly priceless. Not only is the Execs a fantastic source of business, it is also a never-ending educational resource as well. Having a great lunch and trading business leads while learning about what other people do in their daily business lives is like getting a post graduate degree in business development and at times, business survival! Tourists who come to San Francisco for a short visit may consider it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, but to those of us who live and/or work here, it is a very small town. Everyone knows everyone else; the only way to survive and thrive is to NETWORK with friends!"
Joel Panzer, Gen. Property Mgr.
Real Management Company
"I've been a member of Execs since 1986, and it's been a truly rewarding association for me, both in a business and personal sense. The referrals I've received have paid for my membership fees many times over. The help other Execs have given my clients has been invaluable and made me look better than ever. On a personal level, I've made many friendships that will last a lifetime. Remember a Member First is not just a slogan for me, it's truly a lifestyle."
Lee Jones, CEO
Cameron-Jones Realtors, Inc.
"I enjoy the people, the exchange of information, the wide resource of expertise, as well as the social aspect. We are a professional organization, a networking group, yet the environment for our luncheons is fun and relaxed. Over time, from these weekly meetings, close contacts develop which produce business leads. People do business with people they know and trust. In a sense, we become each others sales agents. Since joining the Execs I've provided leads and received them too. Membership in the Executives Association of San Francisco has led to new clients both within and outside our organization."
Todd Crawshaw
Crawshaw Design
Remember a Member First!
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