Officers and Board of Directors

President & IEA Chair: Todd Crawshaw
Tel 415-456-5544
Email: todd@crawshawdesign.com
Crawshaw Design
Vice President & Grievance Chair: Georgina Ritchie
Tel 415-331-1373
Email: georgina_ritchie@icloud.com
Insight, Unlimited
Vice President & Mentoring Chair: Alex Wen
Tel 415-683-2686
Email: alex.wen@kbadocusys.com
KBA Docusys
Treasurer: Mary Wong
Tel 415-268-8001
Email: MaryWong@umpquabank.com
Umpqua Bank
Secratery & Membership Chair: Andre Scroggie
Tel 415-715-8722
Email: Andre.S@neoterra.com
Neoterra Insurance Services, Inc.
Events Chair: Wendy Waters
Tel: 415-291-8600 ext. 238
Email: wendy@yoursrvc.com
Swift, Levy & Polo
Marketing Co-Chair: Frank O'Brien
Tel 415-848-8203
Email: franko@patrickandco.com
Patrick & Co.
Marketing Co-Chair: Michelle Cunningham-Blumenthal
Tel 415-822-4000
Email: info@cmsbloom.com
Program & Education Chair: Lonna Denny
Tel 415-775-9100
Email: lonnadenny@sbcglobal.net
San Francisco Spine Pain Relief Center
Program & Education Co-Chair: Elaine Chan
Tel 415-775-3917
Email: franklinpharmacysf@gmail.com
Enhanced Health Corporation
Member at Large: Len Kopel
Tel 408-529-7728
Email: len.kopel@sonic.com
Member at Large: Nancy Lewellen, J.D., MBA
Tel 415-399-0993
Email: nyl@palladianlawgroup.com
Palladian Law Group
Member at Large: Grant Hundley
Tel 415-777-5050
Email: ghundley@emhh.com
Hundley Hardware Company
Executive Director: Charee Lord
Email: executivedirector@sfexecs.com
Email: sfexecs@gmail.com
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